Franz Schubert

Franz Peter Schubert (January 31, 1797 – November 19, 1828) was an Austrian composer. He wrote some six hundred Lieder, seven completed symphonies, the famous "Unfinished Symphony", liturgical music, operas, and a large body of chamber and solo piano music. He is particularly noted for his genius for original melodic and harmonic writing.

The famous "Ave Maria" sung by Renee Fleeming


David Byron

David Byron (born David Garrick on 29 January 1947, in Epping, Essex, England – died 28 February 1985, in Reading, Berkshire) was the original lead vocalist for Spice (from 1967 through 1969) and for Uriah Heep between 1969 and 1976.





Hey there fellow, with the hair colored yellow...

Ronnie Van Zant (January 15, 1948 – October 20, 1977) was the lead vocalist, primary lyricist, and a founding member of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

(Knebworth 1976)

2006 Inductees Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
Ronnie Van Zant - Gary Rossington - Allen Collins - Leon Wilkeson
Bob Burns - Billy Powell - Ed King - Artimus Pyle - Steve Gaines


One Stone Bashment

First time jammin' with them lads from Stepacide.

Ev'rything irie man!



Before "The Matrix", before "Blade Runner", before "Star Wars", before "2001: A Space Odyssey": The Film That Started It All! 80 years ago!

Metropolis is a silent movie created by the famed Austrian director Fritz Lang (December 5, 1890 – August 2, 1976). Produced in Germany in the Babelsberg Studios during the brief years of the Weimar Republic and released in 1927, it was the most expensive silent film of the time, costing approximately 7 million Reichsmark (equivalent to around $200 million in 2005) to make.The screenplay was written in 1924 by Lang and his wife, Thea von Harbou, and novelized by von Harbou in 1926. It is set in a futuristic urban dystopia, and addresses the then-current political themes of capitalism v. communism.


The King

Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977)

The One and Only King of Rock'n'Roll

Nota: No TCM podemos ver vários filmes com Elvis durante toda a tarde e noite de hoje.